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Reade and Write

Today on Reade and Write I have a special guest: author Robert Germaux, who is celebrating the release of his new book, More Grammar Sex, by sharing some essays from the book (I’m told the book is not about sex!). He’s also offering free review copies to anyone interested in reading and (hopefully) reviewing his book. Take it away, Bob!

Robins and Me: The Never-Ending Story by Author Robert Germaux

My wife and I moved into our new home in a suburb of Pittsburgh in June of 1994, and early on we were delighted to see that there was a robin’s nest sitting atop one of the pillars supporting our deck. I thought it was kind of cool having some avian neighbors. Every day I’d go out and kneel down to peer through the wooden slats to keep track of the three light blue eggs that eventually appeared. Cynthia…

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“Where I Found Unique Inspiration for My Book Cover” Guest Post by Anita Dickason Author of “Sentinels of the Night”

I’m welcoming former Dallas police officer, turned author, Anita Dickason to my website today. Anita is the author of three books – one non-fiction and two fiction – and the creator of the popular FBI Trackers crime book series.

Anita shared some information with me about finding her inspiration while designing the book cover for “Sentinels of the Night”. She had plenty of great information to share so let’s get started!

I enjoy reading the myths of Native American Indians along with Scottish and Irish folklore. It is amazing how many stories have the same elements that span time and miles, even continents.

As an avid fiction reader, I gravitate toward characters with an extra edge, a special ability to overcome adversity and danger.

When I decided to write a novel, the genre, suspense/thriller, wasn’t an issue. I’d write about what I know. As a retired cop, that is crime and how police work. Still, I wanted my characters to have special abilities, something extraordinary and unique. I turned to myths and legends, and it was there I found the paranormal gifts for my characters.

Sentinels of the Night is based on a Native American myth. I found a woman, Alice C. Fletcher (1838-1923) who studied the Indian culture. She lived among the tribes and translated their stories and the chants used in their ceremonial dances, and wrote a book. I used a quote from a translated chant at the start of Sentinels of the Night. Owls are believed to be the guardians of the night and the messengers of death. Their appearance, especially in the daylight hours, means someone has died. Their screech is considered to signal a violent death, even murder. Dying is crossing over the owl’s bridge.

I am a graphics designer and design book covers. The cover design for Sentinels of the Night is mine. Every element in the cover speaks to the storyline.

Two sets of owls’ eyes are visible in the night sky. The owls see and know as they guard the night, and their presence is the link to FBI Tracker Cat Morgan’s unique gift. A third owl is flying in front of a blood-red moon sinking into a red sea. As the hunt for the killer intensifies, Cat’s mystic link to the owls deepens. She struggles to understand the gruesome images in her dreams of owls flying, moons dripping with blood, and falling into a pit filled with blood.

Someone coined a phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I hope the cover for Sentinels of the Night will entice a reader to want to learn more.

For more information on Sentinels of the Night and the second Tracker novel, Going Gone!, please see my website or the book trailers:

Sentinels of the Night:

Going Gone!:

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Interview with Michael Okon Author of Paranormal SciFi Novel Monsterland

I recently had the opportunity to chat with author and screenwriter Michael Okon. Michael is getting set to release his SciFi Paranormal Fantasy novel “Monsterland” on October 13 and I had a few questions for him. Take it away, Mike!

What authors and/or books made an impression on you as a youngster?

Michael Crichton has stuck with me the longest. I can remember where I was and how I felt when I would read Jurassic Park, Congo, Rising Run, and The Andromeda Strain.

I see on your website that you’re both an author and a screenwriter. Do you prefer one to the other? And do you approach them differently when you begin to write? 

I love the art of both. All my stories begin as a rough screenplay. I have to beat out my character arcs before I even begin to write. Once I finish the script, I then dive into the novel and flesh out all the character tics that I couldn’t before.

Do you have a regular writing routine (so many pages per day, for example) or are you more of a “when the mood hits” writer? 

Research and development all day. Write every night with the Travel Channel or Food Network on mute in the background. I stop for an hour on Friday night if my wife and I have a date night, otherwise its writing every night.

Have you always been a fan of horror and fantasy novels? What sparked your interest in those genres?

I actually do not enjoy horror novels. I’m not into super gore or gratuitous violence. I definitely did not want to convey that in Monsterland. Fantasy on the other hand is all right in my book. I’m a Lord of the Rings guy. Monsterland is not horror or even fantasy for that matter. Monsterland is a monster book, plain and simple. I’ve always had a fascination with monsters since as far back as I can remember.

Okay, Michael, here’s a wild card question: What are your favorite non-writing activities? 

I’m a sucker for Law of Attraction books. I’m also a huge movie buff. I try to fit in one movie a day, even if it’s a movie I’ve seen a dozen times already. I can cook a perfect rare rib eye. And I started lifting weights again – health is very important to me.

Michael Okon is a bestselling author and screenwriter. His newly revised book, Monsterland, is scheduled for release on October 15. Michael invites readers to connect with him on his website.


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The Unhappy Work Epidemic: Why So Many People Are Unhappy at Work and What to Do About It By Vicki Morris

Author and business coach Vicki Morris has written an exclusive article for me to share with my readers today.

Vicki has just released her second book, “InspiredWork:Create Work You Love in 8 weeks”. Vicki discusses why so many people are unhappy with their jobs and careers, and she offers some great career-change advice. Take it away, Vicki!


If you’re like me – and like 80% of the workforce, according to Deloitte – at one point or another, you’ve probably felt unhappy at work. Perhaps you’re feeling that way right now. Whether you feel as if you’re stuck in a dead-end job, or you’re doing well in your career but feel that there’s no real meaning in your work, you are not alone.

In fact, in my latest book InspiredWork, I call attention to some eye-opening statistics, which I’ll share with you here:

  • 90% of employees in a Monster survey are currently considering making a career change, and nearly half of those professionals (49%) want to change directions with their careers entirely.
  • Most professionals switch jobs every 4.6 years on average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Gallup research showed employee engagement to hover around a depressing 32%. That means that less than one-third of the U.S. workforce is engaged. Gallup bases engagement on employees’ commitment towards and enthusiasm for their work.

The sad reality is that most employees are indeed unhappy with their current work situation. I call this “the unhappy work epidemic,” because it’s something that is plaguing an overwhelming majority of the workforce and it’s been a chronic issue for many years. Plus, the recent InspiredWork Quiz results confirmed that career unhappiness is at an all-time high with 84% of people reporting to be less than happy at their current or most recent job. So, the issue doesn’t seem to be getting any better and it may even be getting worse.

Why Are We so Unhappy?

Based on my experience with InspiredWork and interacting with 50,000 professionals worldwide, there are three main reasons why people are so unhappy at work. First, many people don’t enjoy what they are doing. They are only earning a paycheck. It may be because they are the main breadwinner or the only breadwinner. But, they settled for the work they could get. They don’t find their work to be meaningful and they don’t feel they are leaning and growing. Second, many people don’t enjoy who they are working for or with or they somehow don’t feel connected to their employer’s culture and values. The third main reason why people are so unhappy is because they don’t feel their job is secure or they are under-employed in some way such as being out-of-work or only able to get temporary consulting assignments.

What to Do about It

There are several keys to creating lasting career happiness. First, realize that no job or anything outside you will make you happy. In fact, most people who change jobs are just as unhappy after 6-12 months. If you’ve read Happy Habits, you know that you have the power to choose to be happy now and that one of the fastest ways to shift to a more positive mindset is to change habits you do on autopilot each day. By bringing intention and gratitude to your daily routine and filling each day with small, meaningful habits, you can be happier no matter what your work situation.

If you are unemployed, raising your energy BEFORE you look for a new job or start your own business will help you see and attract better opportunities. And if you are employed, you can see if changing your mindset has made you any happier with your current job. If you find that despite these efforts, your career is still unfulfilling because it doesn’t align with your passions and purpose, I encourage you to do a career assessment such as the InspiredWork Quizzes and select a career transformation path that is right for you. 

Know Where You Are At Currently

The FREE InspiredWork Quizzes are a great way to do a quick and easy career happiness checkup so you can find out exactly where you stand now. They quizzes are designed to help you gauge not only how unhappy/uninspired you are at work, but also determine the biggest obstacle(s) to your personal career happiness. The first quiz called the InspiredWork Career Happiness Quiz will give you your career official happiness score and help you understand whether you are in the Green, Yellow, Orange, or Red career happiness zone. This rating will help you determine whether you’re truly uninspired in your current career, or whether new habits could be implemented to make your existing work more fulfilling.

The second quiz called the InspiredWork Obstacle Quiz will help you understand what is causing your unhappiness. If it is a boss or company culture that is the issue, you may need to change jobs. If it is the type of role and industry you are in, then you most likely need to change careers. If you don’t want to work for anyone else any more, then the best way to be happier is to start your own business. Once you have this information, you will be able to make an informed decision about the best career path for you – one that will address the root cause of your current career unhappiness.

The Solution: Taking Action to Create Your Own Inspired Work

Determining which career transformation path is right for you is only one step in the journey towards creating more fulfilling work, but it’s an important one. Once you know which path is right, I encourage you to adopt the 8-week InspiredWork System to help you find a job, change careers or start your own business.

The InspiredWork System is included in both the InspiredWork book and the companion InspiredWork Workbook. The InspiredWork System is a proven, inside-out approach to creating inspired work. Unlike other career guides, InspiredWork includes a combination of recommended inner work (e.g., creating an InspiredWork vision that is heart-centered, reprogramming your conscious and subconscious mind for success and raising your energy daily) and outer work (e.g., creating an authentic personal and/or business brand, establishing a personalized career plan, and implementing a marketing campaign to achieve your career goal). The inside-out combination is very effective because it helps each reader to discover what inspired work means to him or her personally and it provides practical actions he or she can take to transform his or her career in only 8 weeks.

Becoming an Inspired Professional

Even after you’ve started a new business or found a more inspiring job or career that helps you fulfill your greatest purpose, you’ll still need to check in regularly with yourself to ensure that you’re inspired and happy at work. I invite you to revisit the InspiredWork Quiz at any point in your career. Ideally, you can do the InspiredWork as your annual career checkup to ensure your career happiness is on track.

The beauty of the InspiredWork System and Quizzes is that they are tools which can be used for professionals at any point throughout their working lives, and once you’ve used them, you’ll become even more familiar with their powerful capabilities to help you return meaning and purpose to your work.

This article was written by Vicki Morris who is the Career Happiness Coach, founder of InspiredWork and author of the transformational career guides InspiredWork: Create Work You Love in 8 Weeks and the InspiredWork Workbook as well as the Inc. Best 100 Business book Happy Habits.  Vicki offers 25 years of experience as a high tech business leader, entrepreneur, and career happiness mentor. Vicki launched InspiredWork to help professionals create their own inspired work so they can be happy at work and love their life.

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One by One by Robert Germaux Just Released!

I’m excited to be taking my brand new detective novel, One by One, on tour with My Book Tour. I’m sharing a spotlight and my author interview. As always, I’d love to hear your comments! If you’re interested in a review copy of any of my books please let me know by submitting a contact form here. Thanks!


The victims appear to have had nothing in common, other than the fact that, as one officer put it, somebody wanted them dead. And that somebody left a “clue” at each crime scene, but as those clues began to accumulate, Detective Daniel Hayes and his hand-picked squad soon discovered that the clues appeared to have even less in common than did the victims. In order to catch his prey, Daniel realizes he has to change his focus and concentrate on an entirely different aspect of the case by following a twisting trail that eventually leads to a face-to-face encounter with the killer. PURCHASE ONE BY ONE ON AMAZON HERE

My Author Interview…

Please tell us about One by One 

This is a very frustrating case for Daniel and his squad. There are multiple victims who appear to have almost nothing in common, and although the killer leaves a “clue” at each crime scene, those clues likewise appear to be completely disconnected from each other. It’s only through hard work and determination that Daniel and his colleagues eventually realize that they need to change their focus in order to catch the killer.

Since One by One is your follow-up novel to Small Talk, what new character developments can readers expect from main character Daniel Hayes and his team? 

We learn more about Daniel’s previous life as a professional athlete, and we meet a journalist who covered Daniel in that life, a man whose skills Daniel calls upon to assist the police in their hunt for the killer. In addition, we follow Daniel’s developing relationship with bookstore owner Lauren Cavanaugh. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the dual POV in Small Talk. I loved how you got inside the killer’s head. Can readers expect something similar in One by One? 

In Small Talk, Daniel and his squad had an idea who their killer was fairly early on in the case. The problem they faced was proving their suspect was actually the killer. Thus, a major part of the plotline in that book involved the way Daniel and the killer interacted with each other, which is why I used the killer’s POV occasionally. In One by One, though, the squad has no idea who their killer is until near the end of the story, so the emphasis is on the hunt for that person as opposed to any interactions the killer has with Daniel. 

Where do your story ideas come from? 

Everywhere! It doesn’t take much to ignite a spark in my fertile imagination. Sometimes I have to do a lot of research, as was the case with both Small Talk and One by One, because to the best of my knowledge, my social circle has never included any serial killers. But in Leaving the LAW, a Jeremy Barnes novel I’ll be releasing in the future, I relied heavily on my experiences teaching in an inner-city Pittsburgh high school that the police called Gang Central. 

What do you think makes a good suspenseful mystery? 

The answer, in part, lies in your question. Suspense. I like to read books that keep me guessing. Along with that, I think readers have to be involved with the characters in a novel, to care about what happens to those characters, even the bad ones. I want the good guys to win and the bad guys to lose.

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Grammar Sex and Other Stuff Released and On the Road!

I’ve just released my fourth book, Grammar Sex and Other Stuff!

Grammar Sex (And Other Stuff) is one man’s take on life’s little moments, minor annoyances and unexpected delights.

A collection of thirty-two (mostly) humorous essays about life, work baseball, The Beatles and more. PURCHASE GRAMMAR SEX AND OTHER STUFF ON AMAZON.COM




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Book Review of Cesar by Julian M. Coleman

Book Review of Cesar by Julian M. Coleman

I assume most readers would call Julian Coleman’s Cesar a horror novel, but in reality, it is much more than that. On one level, it’s a story about two sisters, Rachel and Angelina, who are dealing with a family tragedy from a decade ago. On another level, it’s a love story about Angelina and Allen, the young man who wants to marry her. On yet another level, it’s a coming of age story about Angelina trying to discover who she is and who she wants to be. In other words, there are universal themes at work here. But then you throw in the whole vampire thing, and suddenly you have a decidedly different take on all those plot lines.

I’m not usually a fan of horror stories (nothing wrong with them, just not my thing), but Coleman quickly drew me into the world she so expertly crafted, with so many interesting and vibrant characters, people (well, most of them are people) whom I found myself curious about and even caring about. Coleman does an especially good job of portraying Angelina’s ongoing struggle to control the monster that lies simmering just below the surface of her life.

I finished this book in record time, because I just had to know “what happens next.” The award-wining Coleman’s descriptions of people and places are colorful and, at times, even elegant, and her plotting is spot on. If you’re looking for a good horror story, then this is an easy selection. But it’s also an easy pick if you simply want a good read by someone who knows how to grab your attention from the get-go and never let up.

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Robert Germaux

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