Just released…

Grammar Sex and Other Stuff by Robert Germaux

Grammar Sex (And Other Stuff) is one man’s take on life’s little moments, minor annoyances and unexpected delights. A collection of thirty-two (mostly) humorous essays about life, work baseball, The Beatles and more.



Hard Court by Robert Germaux Cover Photo

Miles Bradshaw, the dot-com billionaire owner of Pittsburgh’s first NBA franchise, hires private detective Jeremy Barnes to look into what appears to be a simple case of harassment of one of the team’s players. But when Jeremy (JB to his friends) begins his investigation, the case proves to be anything but simple, eventually involving a local businessman with suspected criminal ties, a major FBI task force, a computer geek in California and a mob boss in Erie.

Along the way, JB, who can quote Shakespeare as quickly and easily as he can land a solid left jab, uses his wits and his ever-present sense of humor to wend his way through a cast of characters who range from the ridiculously inept to the ruthlessly lethal.

As Hard Court unfolds, there are numerous surprises and plot twists, culminating in a dramatic confrontation that neither JB nor the reader could have predicted.

What readers are already saying about Hard Court…

“I would highly recommend reading Hard Court if you’re looking for a wonderful detective book with likable, interesting and believable characters. While this book does have a sports/basketball element to it, you don’t need to be a sports enthusiast to enjoy it. Excellent!”

“Hoping for a series here, will not be content with JP or Denny being one nightstands, looking for a long term book boyfriend. Adding Germaux to my must read author list with the likes of J. A. Jance, Jeffery Archer, Robyn Carr, Lisa Scottoline.”




Small Talk by Robert Germaux

A serial killer has the people of Pittsburgh on edge, and Detective Daniel Hayes and his hand-picked Special Assignment Squad are working feverishly to solve the case before more innocent lives are lost. But the killer proves to be a formidable foe, whose viciousness appears to be matched only by his ability to elude capture.

Throughout “Small Talk,” the reader is given glimpses into the mind of this cunning and sadistic murderer, an individual who seeks a face-to-face confrontation with his pursuers, a confrontation Daniel is only too willing to provide.

Read the first seven chapters of Small Talk here…

What readers are saying about Small Talk…

“I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good detective mystery with a bit of romance thrown in. Small Talk could very well evolve into a “Detective Hayes” book series!”

“This is a Must Read for any mystery book fan.”

“Can’t wait to read more about Detective Daniel.”




The Backup Husband cover photo

Steven was everything a woman could want in a man. Smart, sensitive, great-looking. Oh, and don’t forget sexy. Very sexy. Samantha simply had no choice but to fall helplessly in love with him.

And then she met his best friend…



What readers are saying about The Backup Husband

“Written with great detail and passion, the characters came to life and I felt like I was right there. The story made me laugh out loud, cry and hope for more from this author.” 

“Robert Germaux definitely has a way with words. It’s also apparent that he has an intimate knowledge of romance and the dynamics of the genuine love men and women can have for one another. He also has quite the fashion sense!”




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