I’d like to give a special thank-you to the following people. Please visit their sites to take advantage of their fabulous publishing services:

Brandi McCann appears to have the ability to read my mind whenever I’m telling her my ideas for a book cover.  She can be reached at

Kimberly Hitchens and the crew at Booknook are incredible.  They’ve walked me through two ebook formatting sessions now.  Hitch and Barb and everyone else there are simply wonderful people.  I definitely recommend you try their services at

Somehow, I managed to find Susan Barton, who has done so much to help me in every way imaginable, including setting up this WordPress author’s page.  Susan is so talented in so many ways that I don’t have space here to list them all.  Plus, I continue to discover even more of her skills on a daily basis.  Visit her site and see for yourself: eBook Review Gal, Book Marketing and Promotion

When I told Uwe Stender that I was going to include a link to his agency on my website, he said to be sure people understood he is not a publisher but “merely your agent.”  Uwe is not “merely” anything, but he is, indeed, my agent, my advisor and, most important, my friend.  You can learn more about him and his agency at


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